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Blue Choice

2014 Agent Updates

Request for Member Information (12/31/14)

Individual Update: Premium Payments for January 1 (12/30/14)

Small Group Sales Incentive Extended! (12/26/14)

Individual Policy - Initial Payment Reminder (12/23/14)

Individual Update: Agent of Record Guidelines (12/18/14)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Open Enrollment Update (12/8/14)

Subsidy Decreases Possible for 2015 Individual Metallic Plans (12/8/14)

Individual Policy Payment Options (11/25/14)

Pharmacy Update: 2015 Changes (11/17/14)

Individual Communications Mailings (11/14/14)

Get a Healthy Smile - Introducing Our Dental Resource Center (11/6/14)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Open Enrollment Update (11/4/14)

Flu and Other Seasonal Vaccine Coverage (10/30/14)

Individual Update: Check your Login Information (10/28/14)

Roper St. Francis Joins Blue Option Network! (10/27/14)

MEDcare Remains In-Network (10/23/14)

Pharmacy Update: Changes in Blood Glucose Test Strip Coverage (10/16/2014)

See You Next Week! (10/3/14)

2015 BlueChoice HealthPlan Affordable Care Act (ACA) Product Training Now Available! (9/29/14)

Less Than a Month Away! Register Today! (9/22/14)

Reminder: Deadline for Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Certification (9/18/14)

The Meeting You Don't Want to Miss! (9/11/14)

Individual Update: Member Outreach for Missing Information (9/2/14)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Fall Agent Meetings (8/7/14)

Individual Communications Mailings (7/21/14)

Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Registration Now Open (7/16/14)

Urgent Care Terminations (6/27/14)

Upstate Hospital Network Expansion (6/27/14)

A New Look for Explanation of Benefits (EOB)! (6/25/14)

Compound Drugs: New Prior Authorization Requirements (6/23/14)

Individual Update: Process for Ungrouping Families (6/19/14)

Marketing Support Services (5/22/14)

Individual Update: Change Request Form (5/20/14)

Small Group Update: Accel-a-RateSM (AAR) Change and BusinessADVANTAGE Dental Coverage (5/16/14)

The New Look of Treatment Cost Estimator (5/12/14)

Small Group Update (4/28/14)

Sales Incentive Program (4/15/14)

Small Group Product Updates (4/7/14)

Individual Update: Special Enrollment Period (3/31/14)

New Name, New Look (3/28/14)

Prescription Drug Changes (3/26/14)

Individual Update: Payment Deadline for Plans with March 1 Effective Date (2/26/14)

Paperless Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) (2/24/14)

Make Bonus Cash For Selling Where Our Rates Are The Most Competitive (1/24/14)

Individual Rate Increase (1/21/14)