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Blue Choice

2015 Blues Flashes

BlueChoice HealthPlan Holiday Hours (12/23/15)

The Advantages of Blue OptionSM (12/22/15)

Customer Service ... We Are "Hear" to Help You! (12/17/15)

Premium Payments Made Easy (12/15/15)

Extra! Extra! Read about Blue Option Extras! (12/10/15)

Remember Our New Series of Plans for Small Group Employers (12/9/15)

The All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment Saves Members time and Money (12/8/15)

Blue Option New Member Mailing (12/4/15)

Outreach to Members with Delayed or Missing Auto-Renewal Enrollment (12/3/15)

2016 Blue Option Pharmacy Benefits ... Affordable Copays and Flexibility (12/3/15)

Blue CareOnDemandSM: A Faster, Easier Way to Get Care (12/2/15)

Comprehensive Provider Network in the State ... and Beyond! (12/1/15)

Make Blue OptionSM Your Only Option! (11/24/15)

Pharmacy Changes (11/23/15)

Enrolling Customers in 2016 Blue Option Coverage (11/11/15) Agent Broker Call Center Open (11/9/15)

Introducing a New, Easy-to-Use Online Tool to Help Track Your New Sales and Existing Customers (11/5/15)

Have a Question Regarding Training Requirements? (10/30/15) 

Tips for a Successful 2016 Open Enrollment (10/29/15)

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Individual Open Enrollment Information (10/26/15)

Going, Going, Almost Gone ... Additional Agent Meeting Sessions Available (9/25/15)

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Data Breach (9/22/15)

New Specialty Pharmacy Vendor (9/22/15)

Register Today! 2015 BlueChoice HealthPlan Agent Meetings (8/31/15)

Pharmacy Update: October 1 Changes (8/24/15)

2015 BlueChoice HealthPlan Agent Meetings (8/10/15)

Year-Round Enrollment through Direct Enrollment (8/3/2015)

Pharmacy Program Changes (7/30/2015)

Communicating with Members through Smartphones (7/27/2015)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) 2014 Rebate Survey (7/13/2015)

Pharmacy Update: Nexium Coverage (4/20/15)

Mobile and Tablet Registration for My Health Toolkit (4/8/15)

Anthem Breach (2/23/15)

Open Enrollment Update: Applications in Process Can Be Finished (2/18/15)

New Member Welcome Calls to Affordable Care Act Members (2/11/15)

Small Group and Individual Update: Retail 90 Offers 90-Day Prescriptions in Retail Pharmacies at Mail-Order Prices (2/9/15)

Individual Rate Increase (1/29/15)

Pharmacy Update: 2015 Changes Recap (1/15/15)

Small Group Update: Accel-a-Rate (AAR) Updates for 2015 BusinessADVANTAGE Plans (1/13/15)

Remind Your Groups About Mobile Mammogram Units and Wellness Seminar Services Available (1/8/15)