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Blue Choice

2016 Blues Flashes

Blue Option Members Get More With Their Coverage (12/22/16)

Blue Option Offers Adult Vision and Preventive Dental Reimbursements (12/20/16)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Holiday Hours (12/19/16)

Deadline Extended for Jan. 1 Effective Dates (12/16/16)

Members Can Access One of the Largest and Most Comprehensive Provider Networks in the State (12/15/16)

The All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment Saves Members Time and Money (12/13/16)

Make Blue Option Your Only Option (12/8/16)

Blue Option Enrollment Clarification (12/7/16)

Pediatric Vision Vendor Change (12/6/16)

Carolinas HealthCare System Joins Blue OptionSM Network (11/18/16)

Pharmacy Changes Effective Jan. 1 (11/10/16)

Tips for a Successful 2017 Open Enrollment (10/26/16)

Enrolling Blue Option Members with Qualifying Life Events in 2016 (10/717/16)

BlueChoice HealthPlan to Exit Federal Exchange for 2017 (10/5/16)

Don't Miss BlueChoice HealthPlan's 2016 Fall Agent Meetings (9/29/16)

Register Today! 2016 BlueChoice HealthPlan Fall Agent Meetings (9/20/16)

Vaccine Network for Blue Option and BusinessADVANTAGE Members (9/13/16)

Request for Member Information (9/7/16)

BlueChoice HealthPlan to Exit Federal Exchange for 2017 (10/5/16)

Announcing the Advanced Choice Pharmacy Network for Individual ACA Plans (8/29/16)

2016 BlueChoice HealthPlan Fall Agent Meetings (8/23/16)

New Process and Requirements for Agent Licensing and Appointment (8/22/16)

Fall 2016 Pharmacy Changes (8/18/16)

Special Enrollment Plan Verification (8/17/16)

Dedicated Marketing Support Services Advocates (8/4/16)

Newly Identified Tobacco Users Will Received Premium Increase (7/12/16)

Complete Your Compliance Attestation Form (7/6/16)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) 2015 Rebate Survey (6/16/16)

Accessing the Learning Management System (6/15/16)

Pharmacy Changes (6/8/16)

An Easier and Automated Way to Pay (5/24/16)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Implements a Musculoskeletal Care Management Program (5/6/16)

New Strategies to Manage Specialty Drugs (5/4/16)

It's Your Last Chance ... Don't Miss Out on Continuing Education (CE) Credits! (4/20/16)

BlueChoice HealthPlan to Host Group Advisory Conference (4/14/16)

Blue CareOnDemand is Now Available to Self-Insured Accounts (4/7/16)

Wait ... Who Do I Call About That? (4/5/16)

Paving the Way to Understanding Industry Trends and Strategies ... (4/1/16)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebate Survey Now Applies to Large Groups (3/30/16)

Individual Rate Increase (3/29/16)

Outreach to Members with Marketplace Application Issues (3/28/16)

Save the Date — Paving the Way for Large Group Sales and Retention … (3/11/16)

New COBRA Vendor April 1 (3/4/16)

Outreach to Members with Marketplace Application Issues (2/19/16)

April 2 Pharmacy Updates (2/18/16)

A Faster, Easier Way to See A Doctor (1/28/16)

New Mailboxes for Small Group Underwriting (1/25/16)

Outreach to Members Not Automatically Eligible for Coverage (1/22/16)