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Blue Choice


BlueChoice HealthPlan Members Now Have Access to More Great Discounts Nationwide!

BlueChoice® and Blue365SM support your health every day of the year, not just at the doctor’s office. Being healthy includes achieving peace of mind, feeling in control and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Blue365 is a program that complements your health coverage by giving you exclusive access to health and wellness information, discounts and savings from industry-leading brands that help make it easier and more affordable to make healthy choices.

Blue365 includes:
  • Discounts on fitness centers
  • Discounts on weight loss and nutrition programs
  • Tools and information on eldercare and caregiver options for parents and dependent family members

Blue365 is a valuable collection of online tools and information to help you make important choices about your health care and your future, as well as exclusive discounts on products and services you can use today. 

Authorization to see more of Blue365

By clicking the “I AGREE” button, below, I authorize BlueChoice HealthPlan to disclose to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA):

  • The fact that I am enrolled in a BlueChoice HealthPlan product and my IP address.

This authorization does not permit BlueChoice HealthPlan to disclose any other information.

I understand that BCBSA needs to know I am enrolled in a BlueChoice HealthPlan product to make discounts available to me.

Once I click on a link to visit BCBSA’s Blue365 website, the fact that I am enrolled in a BlueChoice HealthPlan product and my IP address will be disclosed to BCBSA. Although BlueChoice HealthPlan will not give BCBSA my name or any other information about me, I understand that BCBSA’s Blue365 website is not subject to federal health information privacy laws and, therefore, could re-disclose the fact that I am enrolled in a BlueChoice HealthPlan product and my IP address (subject to its privacy policies and any applicable state laws). I acknowledge that the Blue365 website includes products and services that are not health related.

This authorization is voluntary. BlueChoice HealthPlan will not condition my enrollment in a health plan or eligibility or payment for benefits on receiving this authorization. I revoke this authorization and it expires immediately when I close the browser window after using the Blue365 website. When I revoke this authorization, the revocation will not affect any disclosure of the fact I am enrolled in a BlueChoice HealthPlan product that BlueChoice HealthPlan made before the revocation. BCBSA may receive payment from vendors under the Blue365 program.

I have had full opportunity to read and consider the contents of this authorization. I understand that by clicking on the “I AGREE” button below, I am confirming my authorization for the use and disclosure of information about me, as described in this form.

I Agree

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