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Blue Choice

My Health Toolkit (Members)

Members who need information about their health and dental benefits can find it right here online! My Health Toolkit gives them safe, fast access to their benefits information.

    Members can:

  • View claims status and an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  • Read about their benefits and coverage information and check their eligibility.
  • Ask Customer Service a question about their benefits. When members send messages through My Health Toolkit, our secure e-mail protects their private information. Their messages also go directly to the customer service areas that handle their coverage, so they'll get answers faster! 
  • Verify their authorization status for inpatient and outpatient visits.
  • Request a new ID card.
  • Get phone numbers and addresses for their specific customer service areas, including where to send bill payments.
  • And more!

Members can take advantage of secure, live access to their coverage with My Health Toolkit!