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Blue Choice


BlueChoice HealthPlan knows it is important to protect the privacy of our members' confidential medical information.
Here are some of the steps we have taken to protect the privacy of confidential information:
  • We require all staff, consultants and business associates to keep confidential any personal health information they learn in performing their jobs. We require all physicians and other health care professionals to maintain the confidentiality of this information. They must guard against unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure of confidential information.
  • We require any entity with which we contract for clinical or administrative services to maintain such confidentiality and to have a privacy policy in place that protects against unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information. All such entities must sign an agreement attesting they are compliant with federal privacy regulations.
  • We have advanced security systems to limit unauthorized access to information in our computer files.
  • We keep any medical information we get from physicians and other health care professionals in a secure area, and we limit access to authorized staff. We also require physicians and other health care professionals to keep medical records in a secure area and we monitor this through on-site visits to their offices.
  • We do not sell, trade or otherwise convey the name, address, telephone number, email address or other personal identifiers visitors supply to our website. We use personal information a registered user submits to us while using My Health Toolkit®, an advanced interactive feature of our website, for the sole purpose for which the user submits it. For example, we can use data submitted while completing a health risk assessment for medical program identification. We can use other data members submit while using My Health Toolkit to estimate costs for specific medical procedures; provide the status of authorizations; help locate a physician, hospital or pharmacy; provide claims status; or provide information about health or wellness programs. We may compile non-personal statistical information from our website in order to assess which resources best meet our visitors’ needs.
  • We do not release patient-identifiable information to any fully-insured employer group without the patient's authorization. An Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan, however, may require access to patient-identifiable personal health information in order to administer its self-insured benefits plan. In this event, BlueChoice requires a signed agreement from the ASO group certifying that its group health plan has been amended to address all of the privacy requirements required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of1996 (HIPAA). Under this agreement, the employer agrees to use the information only to legitimately administer the group health plan and not to identify any individual group participant for any employment-related action or decision or other improper, unlawful or otherwise unauthorized purpose. Patient-identifiable mental health and substance abuse information is not released to any employer, ASO or fully insured, without the patient's authorization under any circumstance unless required by law.
For information on BlueChoice HealthPlan's use and disclosure of medical information, and a summary of individual rights, please refer to the Notice of Privacy Practices.