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Blue Choice

Prescription Drug Information

Search our Covered Drug List to see if we cover your prescription drugs. You can also print the 2018 Covered Drug List or 2017 Covered Drug List.   

When you have coverage with BlueChoice HealthPlan, you have access to a wide variety of prescription drugs. Our Covered Drug List gives you and your doctor choices. You must choose drugs on this list to have them covered under your benefit plan. How much you pay for your drugs depends on which plan you have. There are also certain drugs that have extra requirements before you have coverage.

Our goal is to give you a choice of safe and effective drugs, while also keeping your drug costs affordable. With more than 68,000 network pharmacies to choose from, it's easy to find one that's near you with our Pharmacy Locator. View a brief list of all national retail chains and some independent pharmacies in South Carolina. You can also view a comprehensive list of South Carolina pharmacies. 

Save money with generics! Learn more about generic drugs and additional prescription drug information in our FAQs.