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Blue Choice

MyChoice Health Coverage

This information pertains to MyChoice Health Coverage with an effective date prior to January 1, 2014. These plans are no longer available for purchase.

BlueChoice HealthPlan offers family coverage through MyChoice Health Coverage. MyChoice also offers individual coverage to South Carolina residents ages 19 through 64 and a half with several benefit plans from which to choose. 

MyChoice offers:
  • Quick underwriting response
  • Competitive low premiums
  • Primary care office visits with comprehensive copayments
  • Routine preventive office services 
  • Prescription drug card — copayment for generic drugs, preferred drugs and non-preferred drugs
  • Vision care — free annual eye exam
  • Dental care — $30 toward cleaning (one per benefit period) and $20 toward routine exam (one per benefit period)
  • Individual Assistance Program from First Sun EAP. Get additional details or visit the First Sun EAP website. This link leads to a third party website. That party is solely responsible for the contents and privacy policy on its site. Because First Sun EAP is a separate company from BlueChoice HealthPlan, First Sun is solely responsible for all services related to individual assistance programs.  
View our benefits and rates guide. You can also view and pay your invoices online through