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Blue Choice

My Health Toolkit

We understand the importance of making the right health care decisions, so we created My Health Toolkit®. My Health Toolkit is an online resource to help members better manage benefits, treatment, financial decisions and wellness.

Take Charge of Your Health

Watch our helpful videos and learn how to get the most out of My Health Toolkit.

Why Was My Claim Denied?

Some possible reasons why we denied your claim.

What's an EOB?

Understanding your Explanation of Benefits.

Using the Treatment Cost Estimator

Plan for expenses and compare costs.

Using the Doctor and Hospital Finder

Find the right doctor for you.

What's Preauthorization?

What you need to know before getting additonal services.

Newly Insured?

Our helpful video tells you what happens next.

This video will show you how My Health Toolkit works.

Important note: Depending on your coverage, you may not have all the features listed in this demo.

My Health Toolkit Tutorial


If you have trouble viewing these videos, try viewing them on the BlueChoice HealthPlan YouTube channel.