Current Blues Flashes

Blues Flashes

COVID-19 Coverage Update (6/22/20)

Telehealth Coverage Extended (6/18/20)

$1,000 Prizes to Be Awarded (6/17/20)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Large Group (51+) Sales Contacts (6/11/20)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (6/2/20)

Active Lifestyles May Be On Hold, Your Health Doesn't Have To Be (5/19/20)

Updated COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (5/18/20)

The All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment Saves Members Time and Money (5/6/20)

FOCUS on Nutrition (5/5/20)

Get Value-Based Care With Total Care (4/22/20)

First Sun EAP is Serving Our Members During COVID-19 (4/15/20)

Effective July 1, 2020: Agent Fees Collection Agreement for All Large Group Agent Compensation (4/15/20)

Connecting With Members During COVID-19 (4/13/20)

How to Access 2019 Premium Payment Reports (4/8/20)

Get Covered With Short-Term Choice (4/7/20)

Pharmacy Changes: New Quantity Limits for Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine (4/6/20)

Out-of-Pocket Costs Covered for COVID-19 (4/2/20)

Telehealth Options for Members Expanded (4/1/20)

COVID-19 FAQs for Small Group Agents (3/30/20)

Group Eligibility Guidelines Related to COVID-19 Pandemic (3/26/20)

COVID-19 Answers and Updates From Our Chief Medical Officer (3/25/20)

A Message from Scott Graves (3/25/20)

Coronavirus Alert Update (3/20/20)

More Winners with FOCUSfwd! (3/10/20)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (3/4/20)

Check Out the BusinessADVANTAGESM FOCUSfwd® Wellness Incentive Program (3/2/20)

Prevent the Flu at Work (3/2/20)

Get Cash Rewards With the FOCUSfwd® Wellness Incentive Program (2/25/20)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Members Can Track Prior Authorization Status (2/20/20)

The Flu is Serious Business (2/18/20)

Available in All 50 States (2/17/20)

BusinessADVANTAGE Provides Value for Your Clients (2/10/20)

1095-B Tax Forms to be Mailed This Week (2/4/20)

Reminder: Agent Appreciation Drop-ins (2/3/20)

BusinessADVANTAGE Employee Assistance Program (2/3/20)

Enhanced 2020 Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Surveys (1/30/20)

Pharmacy Transition Update (1/28/20)

BusinessADVANTAGE Members Can Receive Free Flu Shots (1/27/20)

2020 BusinessADVANTAGE Pharmacy Benefits: Affordable Copays and Flexibility (1/21/20)

The All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment Saves Members Time and Money (1/13/20)

Agent Appreciation Drop-ins (1/10/20)

Make Your Advantage BusinessADVANTAGE (1/6/20)

2020 Pharmacy Benefits Update (1/2/20)

Welcome Our New Large Group and Small Group Managers (1/2/20)