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Current Blues Flashes

2018 Blues Flashes

Make Your Advantage BusinessADVANTAGE (12/4/18)

2019 Blue Option Pharmacy Benefits and Online Agent Resources (12/3/18)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (11/29/18)

More Incentive to Retain and Sell BlueChoice HealthPlan Small Group Contracts (11/27/18)

Blue CareOnDemand is a Great Value for Blue Option Members (11/26/18)

Connect With Your Current and Former Clients Using BASES (11/21/18)

Select Doctors Care Locations Open on Thanksgiving and Christmas (11/20/18)

Blue Option Offers Adult Vision and Preventive Dental Reimbursements (11/19/18)

Blue Option Members Stay Fit and Win Big with FOCUSfwd (11/12/18)

Order Your BlueChoice Marketing Materials (11/8/18)

The All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment Saves Members Time and Money (11/5/18)

Make Blue Option Your Only Option (10/29/18)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (10/24/18)

Tips for a Successful 2019 Open Enrollment (10/10/18)

Blue Option Open Enrollment Starts Oct. 15 (10/9/18)

Are You Ready to GET FIT? (10/1/18)

Pharmacy Advisor Counseling Now Offered Through Caremark (9/28/18)

Myrtle Beach Fall Agent Meeting Rescheduled for Oct. 15 (9/26/18)

SG Sales Contest Flyer (9/24/18)

Reserve Your Space Before We Fill Up! (9/21/18)

New Services Available through Blue CareOnDemand (9/20/18)

Earn Continuing Education Credits at 2018 BlueChoice Fall Agent Meetings (9/19/18)

Ready. Set. STEP! (9/19/18)

Time is Running Out- Register Now to Attend a 2018 BlueChoice Fall Agent Meeting (9/18/18)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebates for 2017 Coverage (9/13/18)

New Online Quoting and Enrollment System (9/12/18)

Preparations for Hurricane Florence (9/11/18)

Four More $1,000 Winners With FOCUSfwd! (9/4/18)

Register Now to Attend a 2018 BlueChoice Fall Agent Meeting (8/30/18)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (8/29/18)

Vaccine Network for BlueChoice HealthPlan Members (8/28/18)

Request for Member Information (8/23/18)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (8/16/18)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (8/9/18)

Have You Visited Lately? (8/7/18)

Save the Date: Fall Agent Meetings (7/9/18)

Upcoming In-Home Health Assessments (6/21/18) Redesign (6/14/18)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) 2018 Rebate Survey (6/5/18)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (5/23/18)

Non-Grandfathered Small Groups and Individuals May Keep Plans until Dec. 31, 2019 (5/21/18)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (5/10/18)

FOCUSfwd Rewards (4/25/18)

July 1 Pharmacy Changes (4/24/18)

My Health Toolkit® Mobile App … Nailed It!  (4/2/18)

Upcoming Mobile Clinics (3/27/18)

Time Is Running Out To Register For Our Spring Agent Meetings And Earn Continuing Education Credits (3/20/18)

FOCUSfwd Be One of the Four $1,000 Winners (3/15/18)

We're Making the Customer Experience Simpler (3/13/18)

Register Now For 2018 BlueChoice HealthPlan Large Group Agent Meetings (2/28/18)

Healthier AND Wealthier With FOCUSfwd (2/14/18)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (2/13/18)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (1/30/18)

1095-B Tax Forms to Be Distributed to Members Before the Extended Deadline (1/17/18)

Opioid Management Program Effective April 1, 2018 (1/4/18)