Helpful Videos

Helpful Videos

Do your employees want to know if their plan covers a specific procedure? Do they need information about your health and dental benefits? Maybe they just want to check a claim and see if we've paid their doctor. They can find all this and more, right here online! My Health Toolkit® provides safe, fast access to benefits information. Have your employees take advantage of secure, live access to their coverage with My Health Toolkit!

Share these videos below with your employees. Several videos provide information on why a claim was denied, how a doctor visit becomes an EOB and much more!

  • Our Mobile App Makes it Easy

    Your favorite features from the website are now available in a mobile app.

  • Take Charge of Your Health

    Watch our helpful videos and learn how to get the most out of My Health Toolkit.

  • Why Was My Claim Denied?

    Some possible reasons why we denied your claim.

  • What's Preauthorization?

    What you need to know before getting additional services.

  • Newly Insured?

    Our helpful video tells you what happens next.

  • Know the Lingo: Coinsurance

  • Know the Lingo: Benefits

  • Know the Lingo: Network

  • Know the Lingo: Deductible