Understanding Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety are normal. During the pandemic, they have become more prominent. The days we are living in are stressful for many people and anxiety is our body’s response to the stress it experiences. It’s important to be aware of the symptoms of anxiety so you can take charge and maintain your well-being.  Here are some common symptoms:

  • Excessive and persistent worry and fear 
  • Problems concentrating
  • Experiencing panic attacks or social anxiety
  • Feeling tense, jumpy, restless or apprehensive
  • Being impatient with others or having conflict with family or coworkers
  • Easily moving to becoming emotional or tearful

There are many ways to face stress and anxiety that create a sense of calm in your body and brain. Take stock to understand what’s troubling you.  Be aware of your thoughts about your life situation. Recognizing and listing your stressors will help you move toward managing them. Once you have a sense of what is most challenging, then you can use resources and tools to shift yourself toward better well-being.

  • Take a time out. Exercise, meditate or call a friend about your challenges.
  • Practice self-compassion. Be kind to you. 
  • Allow yourself to let go of any unrealistic expectations.  Set one goal you feel you can accomplish to help alleviate one stressor. 
  • Consider talking things through with a counselor.  You have access to free counseling with First Sun counselors via video, chat or personal messaging.  Your benefit is easy to use and completely confidential. Call First Sun at 800-968-8143.
  • If you are having challenges with financial, legal, childcare, eldercare, college or school issues, call First to use your EAP Life Management benefits. You have access to free consultation and referrals and free financial coaching through your EAP.  Call First Sun at 800-968-8143.

Taking care of yourself is key. Find more tools and resources on at www.firstsuneap.com.  Check out articles, webinars and classes to help you learn, grow, and understand the root causes of anxiety so you can get the support you need.