Important STATchat Updates

Important STATchat Updates

Do you have questions about your claim and cannot find the answer on My Insurance ManagerSM (MIM)? You can speak with a representative in Provider Services using STATchat to get more help. STATchat is an easy tool to use and is accessible through MIM.

We have made recent updates to the port requirements. It is important for you to let your information systems team know about these changes to ensure you have a seamless transition.

The media IPs and port ranges for SIP calls in all regions includes, and This should be added to your firewall rules. Additionally, the UDP port range was expanded to 10,000 – 60,000.

Review the following table for additional details:

Port Requirements

ComponentAddressClient-side port usedServer-side port usedProtocol
Signaling*.twilio.comAny (1,024 to 65,535)443TCP

Any (1,024 to 65,535)10,000 - 60,000UDP

If you have any questions, please contact Provider Education at or by reaching out to your Provider Relations Consultant directly. View the latest territory maps for their contact information.