BlueCard and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core

BlueCard and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core

Wherever you go, your health care coverage goes with you. When you're a BlueChoice HealthPlan member, you take your health care benefits with you — across the country and around the world.

Within the U.S.

  • Always carry your current BlueChoice® HealthPlan ID card for easy reference and access to service.
  • In an emergency, go directly to the nearest hospital.
  • To find nearby doctors and hospitals, visit Find Care. You can also call BlueCard Access® at 1-800-810-BLUE (2583).
  • Call your plan for precertification or prior authorization, if necessary. Refer to the phone number on the back of your card.
  • When you arrive at the participating doctor's office or hospital, simply present your Plan ID card. If you are a preferred provider organization (PPO) member, the doctor will recognize the logo, which will ensure you will get the PPO level of benefits.
  • You should not have to complete any claim forms or pay up front for medical services other than the usual out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles, copayment, coinsurance and non-covered services).

Around the World:

  • Always carry your BlueChoice HealthPlan ID card when you travel or live outside the U.S.
  • Follow the same simple process as in the U.S., with these exceptions:
    • In most cases, you should not need to pay up front for inpatient care at Blue Cross® Blue Shield® Global® Core hospitals. You are responsible for the usual out-of-pocket expenses (non-covered services, deductible, copayment and coinsurance). The hospital should submit your claim.
    • You pay the doctor or hospital for inpatient care at non-BlueCard hospitals, outpatient hospital care and other medical services. Then, complete an international claim form and send it to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core Service Center.

You can also download additional information on the BlueCard program, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core.

Please talk to your provider (including facility, lab, etc.) to ensure they are participating in our network or the BlueCard network prior to having services rendered.


GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance program of Worldwide Insurance Services (WIS), an independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Blue Cross Blue Shield Global is a brand owned by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.