My Health Novel

My Health NovelSM

Welcome to the next chapter in health care. My Health Novel matches your employees with helpful resources and tools based on their specific health needs. With it, they can access health management mobile apps at no cost.*

Mental Health: Get support for stress, sleep and many of life’s other challenges. From interactive live sessions to guided meditations and behavioral health coaches, there’s on-demand, online care ready to help.

Reduce Pain: Take care of what hurts, from neck to knee pain and everything in between that’s sore or achy. Online physical therapy and exercise program options are available.

Lose Weight: Your employees can feel their best and reduce their health risks with online or in-person classes, including the number one doctor recommended program, WW (Weight Watchers® reimagined). They’ll even get a Fitbit** to track their progress.

No matter the health goal, we can help with personalized, convenient and proven programs.

Your employees deserve to feel good.

How it works:

  1. Log in to My Health Toolkit®.
  2. Select Benefits, then My Health Novel.
  3. Take a quick assessment.
  4. Your employees receive their recommended programs and resources available to them.

*My Health Novel may not be included for select self-funded groups.

**This is for members who complete program participation requirements. Requirements vary; your employees should check with their program for details. Applies to certain Fitbit models. Limited to one per person. Solera Health reserves the right to substitute an alternate activity tracker. Solera Health is an independent company that offers a health management program on behalf of BlueChoice. Fitbit and WW are independent companies that offer health and wellness programs, products and services to BlueChoice HealthPlan members.