New Enhancements to My Provider Enrollment Portal

New Enhancements to My Provider Enrollment Portal

Have you noticed any changes in My Provider Enrollment Portal (MyPEP)? We are in the process of making enhancements to the portal to improve efficiency and enhance the provider experience. In the past few weeks, we made three major enhancements.

The first enhancement was embedding the individual and group enrollment checklists within the portal. We always encourage you to review the available checklists to ensure you are well prepared to submit all the required documentation for a clean application.

Next, was the addition of the guidance tool. On the home page of the portal as well as the Get Enrolled and Find a Form pages, we have embedded guidance that asks you different questions to determine which application or form to complete.

Lastly, enhancements were made to the five-year work history. You cannot proceed with completing the application if five years of work history is not included or if you do not provide an explanation of gaps in work history.

All enhancements help promote clean and complete applications. This ensures your submissions are reviewed and processed in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, please contact Provider Education at or by reaching out to your provider relations consultant directly.