Benefits of an All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment

Benefits of an All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment

All our plans that have a copayment provide members with the convenience of an all-inclusive office visit copayment.

What does that mean?

Members who visit a participating in-network provider will pay one copayment for all covered services performed in the doctor’s office for the same date when billed by the physician. Best of all, there are no dollar maximums!

Here are a few examples of what is covered under the all-inclusive office visit copayment:

  • Office charges, including surgical services or treatment of an illness, accident or injury.
  • Allergy and tetanus shots.
  • Annual physicals.
  • Injections (immunizations).
  • Diagnostic lab and X-ray services. (Other charges could apply if the provider sends the claim to a hospital for processing.)

The all-inclusive office visit copayment benefit encourages members to see a contracting provider of their choice to establish and maintain a relationship, improving their health care experience. It has been a significant feature of BlueChoice HealthPlan products for years and continues to be a primary selling feature with our plans.