Pediatric Healthy Weight Toolkit

According to the 2007 National Survey of Children’s Health, 34 percent of children in South Carolina are overweight, compared to 32 percent nationally. The epidemic of childhood obesity is contributing to increasing numbers of children who are developing conditions like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. 
As part of our mission to improve the health status of South Carolina children, BlueChoice HealthPlan is making this toolkit available to you and your practice. We hope this information will assist you in taking an active approach to preventing, evaluating and managing pediatric obesity. As clinicians, you have a special opportunity to intervene on this pressing health issue with your patients and their families. 

The materials in this toolkit will help you:

  • Identify overweight or obese pediatric patients and recommend interventions
  • Track patient progress over time using age appropriate BMI charts
  • Diagnose and treat patients with co-morbid conditions
  • Use proven communications strategies to encourage positive behavior change

Pediatric Healthy Weight Toolkit

Parent Guide

If you would like more information about this toolkit or to refer a patient into our Great Expectations® Healthy and Active Kids program, please call 800-327-3183, ext. 25068.