Provider Self-Service Tools and Payment Resources

Provider Self-Service Tools and Payment Resources

My Insurance Manager℠

With My Insurance Manager, you can:
•    File professional, institutional and dental claims online. 
•    Make referrals, including the new HIPAA-compliant screens.
•    Check eligibility and view benefits and coverage information.
•    Ask Provider Services a question.
•    Call us over the Web through STATchatSM
•    And more!
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My Insurance Manager for Providers is a secure, online feature that allows you to access information about your claims and your patients.

Online Claims Filing

Looking for a way to file claims electronically and for free? Want to get paid faster? We've got your solution. Here's your one-stop source for filing online for a variety of plans. File online with these secure tools and most claims with any amounts due will process in three to five days.

My Insurance ManagerSM

File institutional, professional and dental claims. Even file secondary and corrected claims.

File claims to BlueChoice HealthPlan, BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina (including dental), the State Health Plan, the Federal Employee Program, Planned Administrators, Inc. (PAI) and more. PAI is a separate company that offers third party administration services on behalf of BlueChoice HealthPlan.

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File professional TRICARE claims using the "XPressClaim" feature. Use XPressClaim and enjoy lightning quick filing. Receive any payment due in three to five business days, too.

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Looking for a HIPAA claims filing solution? My Insurance Manager and XPressClaim will provide HIPAA-compliant formats by October 16, 2003.

Electronic Media Claims (EMC) Filing

Do you have the capability to file your claims electronically? If the answer is yes, do you know the percentage of claims you file electronically to BlueChoice HealthPlan? We do!

It is our objective to have all hospitals and physicians file at least 90 percent of their claims to us electronically. EMC filing is more efficient because it allows hospitals and physicians to receive payment five to seven days faster than claims that are filed hardcopy. EMC filing also ensures claims accuracy through system edits. Therefore, EMC filing is our preferred method of receiving claims from our network facilities and practitioners.

Electronic Funds Transfer

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and BlueChoice HealthPlan have been accepting enrollment for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) since August 1, 2002.

If you would like to participate in the EFT program, complete the following two forms and mail them to:

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Attn: EFT Coordinator (AF-326)
I-20 at Alpine Road
Columbia, S.C. 29219

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form

BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

My Remit Manager and Electronic Remittance Advice

For years, providers have asked us for the ability to build historical, member-specific remittances that would allow them to sort, view and print these remits through Now they can accomplish this using My Remit Manager

We are offering My Remit Manager FREE to all providers who want payment faster via electronic funds transfer (EFT) and who will allow us to eliminate paper remittance advices. Of course, we will continue to update the images of the paper remits currently available through My Insurance ManagerSM daily.

My Remit Manager accepts 835s from all commercial BlueChoice HealthPlan lines of business. It works independently of your practice management system or clearinghouse.

You will be able to: 

  • View electronic remittance advice (ERA) information by file and see all details. Users have the option of viewing the specific American National Standards Institute (ANSI) details the payer sends or the standardized information in a conventional format. 
  • Instantly see patient errors and denials. My Remit Manager highlights any claims which have errors or have been denied. 
  • View information categorized by check numbers or by patient. My Remit Manager clearly lists the name of each patient whose explanation of benefits (EOB) is associated with an individual check or EFT. 
  • Print individual remits for a single patient. Eliminate the need to remove or blackout other patient information on the remit. 
  • Print remits for selected patients, including individual or group remits. 

Get started by visiting My Remit Manager and following the steps to register. We will e-mail you the information you need to get started.

Refund Process

Have you received an Overpayment Refund Request letter from us for a particular account? Have you received an overpayment on a claim you would like to voluntarily return to us? If so, please follow these guidelines to ensure smooth handling of your refund. 

Unsolicited Refunds

Unsolicited refunds are those you voluntarily submit as the result of a possible claims overpayment or a payment made due to a billing or processing error.

Information needed: Please complete all the information on the Overpayment Refund Form.

Processing: We will review the information to determine the validity of the unsolicited refund request. We'll then determine if we will either adjust the claim to process the unsolicited request, or return the request and check with a written explanation of our findings. 

Solicited Refunds

We request solicited refunds when we determine there is a claims overpayment or that we made a payment in error.

Information needed: Please send the refund to us within the requested 30 days from the date of the letter. You must include a copy of the refund request letter for accurate and timely processing. Send your refund to:

BlueChoice HealthPlan
Attn: Lockbox, AX-430
4101 Percival Road
Columbia, SC 29223

It is critical that you return the refund within the specified timeframe. If we do not receive the refund within 30 days of the date of the refund request letter, we will systematically offset the amount on a future remittance. The systematic offset is the preferred method for many providers to reconcile refunds. This approach reduces the administrative costs associated with paper processing and minimizes the potential for duplicate refunds.

If you still need more information about a refund, please log in to My Insurance ManagerSM and submit your question using "Ask Provider Services."

Inpatient Non-Reimbursable Charge and Unbundling Policy

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and BlueChoice implemented a policy on October 1, 2018, to address charges considered to be non-reimbursable, unbundled or are otherwise not allowed to be billed separately. This policy is applicable only to inpatient charges and is not intended to impact care decisions. 

Read more about this policy.

BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Clinical Record Requirements

Find out what categories of claims generally require clinical documentation.