Federal Employee Program FEP FAQs

Federal Employee Program (FEP) FAQs

Will you cover the shingles vaccine as a preventive service in 2015? The member’s plan determines if we will cover the shingles vaccine as preventive service. Please verify benefits via My Insurance Manager. In 2015, the FEP will cover the cost for the shingles vaccination.

When will providers be able to check FEP eligibility via My Insurance Manager? In May 2015, providers will be able to access eligibility and claim status for FEP members via My Insurance Manager. We will give you more information about this new enhancement soon.

Do you cover V-codes for genetic counseling? Yes, but the member must meet certain requirements. Please contact your provider advocate for further information.

How can I determine if a patient has the FEP Standard Option plan or the FEP Basic Option plan? You should check the member’s ID card. The plan name appears on the front of the ID card in the upper right corner. You may also find our member identification card guide helpful. Review What You Need to Know About Member Identification Cards.