Provider Enrollment FAQs

Provider Enrollment 

                                                                           Frequently Asked Questions

Are providers notified when it is time for recredentialing?

Yes, providers are notified when it is time to recredential.

Are electronic signatures accepted?

Electronic signatures are accepted on applications. However, all contract pages must be signed in ink.

If a provider is inactivated through M.D. Checkup, can they be reactivated?

Providers cannot be reactivated through M.D. Checkup. They will need to complete the required documentation to re-enroll.

What is the difference between the effective date and the affiliation date?

The effective date is the date that the provider is approved by the Credentialing Committee and this date cannot be changed.

The affiliation date is the date in which a provider can render services with an established group. This date can be backdated 45 days from the day we receive all required documentation. Any date past 45 days will require a claim to be submitted with the requested backdate as the date of service to show the provider was rendering services with the group at the time of approval.

Should behavioral health providers submit enrollment applications through BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina?

Enrollment for behavioral health providers is coordinated through Companion Benefit Alternatives, Inc. (CBA).

How long does the enrollment process take once all required documentation has been submitted?

The initial review can take between 30 – 45 days for a clean application (meaning all required documentation has been received). If there are any missing items, outreach is completed, which could extend the period as the review process cannot move forward without the requested information.

If I need to know the status of my application, who do I contact?

Currently, you can contact Provider Services at 800-868-2510, option 5 to speak with a representative. If related to behavioral health, please contact Companion Benefit Alternatives (CBA) by emailing or by calling 800-868-1032, ext. 25744.

How often is recredentaling required?

Established providers are required to recredential every three years.




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