Refund Letters Now Available in My Insurance Manager℠

Refund Letters Now Available in My Insurance Manager℠

Great news!  Provider refund letters are now available in My Insurance Manager℠ (MIM).  The letters provide you with the reason for the refund request, along with the patient and claim details.  If an offset takes place, an offset letter will be available for you to view as well.

By viewing these letters in MIM, you save time and effort, as the information is at your fingertips allowing you to settle any open patient accounts, balance your books, and more.  All the pertinent details related to the refund are available without having to call Provider Services; however, the phone number to Provider Services is included in case further assistance or information is needed.

To pull the refunds letters, follow these quick steps:

  1. Log into MIM
  2. Hover over Office Management and click Refund Letters
  3. Enter the Refund Control Number (RCN) from your remittance or search by the Posting Date
  4. Select the letter you wish to view

Note: The RCN is located on your remittance under Provider Adjustment.  Also, when searching by the posting date, you can choose from the current month, a date range, or by a specific date.  A specific location can be chosen as well when more than one is listed in our database.

If you have any questions on this bulletin, please contact Provider Education using the Provider Education Contact Form located on