Join Rewind to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes*

What is Rewind?
Rewind is a structured, long-term program that can help you lose weight and keep it off. The program joins proven science with expert care to help you defeat diabetes, prediabetes and obesity. No one in Rewind goes it alone. Rewind members work closely with a doctor and a registered dietitian (RD). They also have access to a peer support network through in-app messaging, online classes and workshops.

Rewind gives you the tools, structure and guidance you need to achieve your goals. No judgment. No fad diets.
No short-term hacks or gimmicks.

Who can join?
To join Rewind, you must:

  • Have insurance with BlueChoice HealthPlan.
  • Be between the ages of 40 and 65.
  • Have Type 2 diabetes.
  • Reside in South Carolina.
  • Have a body mass index between 35 and 50.

How does it work?
Rewind lasts 24 months and consists of three phases: 

  • Reset
  • Transition 
  • Sustain

In each phase, members have frequent meetings with a doctor and RD. Members also get peer support and coaching through classes and workshops. The program is online. Apart from getting your labs drawn, all meetings are video calls or phone calls.

Reset — Months 1 – 3
During this phase, you aim to lose 15 percent of your body weight. You achieve this through coaching and a total meal replacement diet. This diet is clinically approved and consists of shakes and soups.

Transition — Months 4 – 9
You slowly begin eating solid food again. With ongoing support and coaching, you keep losing weight at a slower pace.

Sustain — Months 10 – 24
You continue to take part in coaching and other forms of structured support to maintain your weight loss. Once you finish the program, you keep your access to Rewind’s team and resources. You can choose the ongoing support level that works best for you.

Get started now!

*Rewind is an independent company that offers diabetes and weight loss support programs to members of 
BlueChoice HealthPlan.