Tru Hearing


Get Back the Joy of Hearing
Better hearing helps you stay connected to the ones you love. That’s why BlueChoice HealthPlan works with TruHearing® to provide you a comprehensive hearing care solution.

The TruHearing program includes:
Personalized Care

  • Guidance and assistance from a TruHearing hearing consultant
  • Professional exam from a local, licensed provider
  • Three follow-up visits for fitting and adjustments to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your hearing aids

Next-Generation Sound

  • The latest chips and algorithms combine to make speech clearer, even in the most challenging environments
  • Advanced sensors automatically adjust to the noise around you for better clarity and natural sound
  • New models include sound enhancement technology that makes your own voice less noticeable and natural sounding

Devices for Your Lifestyle

  • The latest models come with Bluetooth® so you can stream audio like Siri®, music and phone calls right to your ears
  • A wide variety of rechargeable models that keep a charge for an entire day1
  • Options to match your lifestyle, including virtually indetectable devices

Example Savings (per aid)

  • TruHearing® Advanced- $1,470
  • Starkey® Livio® 1000*- $820
  • Phonak® Audéo® P-R30*- $895
  • ReSound ONE™ 5*- $1,057
  • Oticon® Xceed3- $843
  • Signia® Styletto® X7*- $1,190
  • Widex Moment® 440- $1,509

*Rechargeable | Listed products are smartphone-compatible2

This program also includes:

  • Risk-free 45-day trial period
  • 48 free batteries with non-rechargeable models
  • Full 3-year manufacturer warranty

1 Rechargeable features may not be available in all models and styles.
2 Smartphone-compatible hearing aids connect directly to iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® Touch devices. Connectivity is also available to many Android® phones with the use of an accessory. TV streaming is available through most TVs with the use of an accessory.

TruHearing is an independent company that offers discounts products and services to BlueChoice HealthPlan members. All content ©2021 TruHearing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. TruHearing® is a registered trademark of TruHearing, Inc. All other trademarks, product names, and company names are the property of their respective owners. Three follow-up visits must be used within one year after the date of initial purchase. Free battery offer is not applicable to the purchase of rechargeable hearing aid models. Three-year warranty includes repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement. Hearing aid repairs and replacements are subject to provider and manufacturer fees. For questions regarding fees, contact a TruHearing hearing consultant.

Call TruHearing at 855-586-5508 to learn more and schedule an appointment.
Hours: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday – Friday | For TTY, dial 711