Archived Blues Flashes

Blues Flashes

Season's Greetings from BlueChoice HealthPlan (12/20/19)

Select Doctors Care Locations Open on Christmas (12/18/19)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Holiday Hours (12/17/19)

Blue Option Open Enrollment Extended Through December 31, 2019 (12/12/19)

2020 Blue Option Advantages (12/9/19)

Blue Option Members Have an EXCLUSIVE Rewards Program with FOCUSfwd (12/2/19)

Blue CareOnDemand is a Great Value for Blue Option Members (11/25/19)

Select Doctors Care Locations Open on Thanksgiving and Christmas (11/20/19)

Blue Option Offers Enhanced Vision and Preventive Dental Reimbursements (11/18/19)

2020 Blue Option Pharmacy Benefits and Online Agent Resources (11/11/19)

Flu Vaccine Coverage Update (11/7/19)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Needs Your Help! (11/6/19)

The All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment Saves Members Time and Money (11/4/19)

Renewal Commissions for Special Enrollment Periods Regardless of Effective Date (11/4/19)

2020 Pharmacy Benefits — Update (10/30/19)

Blue Option Networks Are Expanding in 2020 (10/28/19)

Large Group Retention and Sales Incentives Until January 1, 2020 (10/28/19)

Blue Option is the Best Option (10/21/19)

Tips for a Successful 2020 Open Enrollment (10/14/19)

Blue Option Open Enrollment Starts October 15, 2019 (10/10/19)

Register Today! 2019 Fall Agent Meetings End This Week (10/2/19)

Check Out These Small Group Retention and Sales Incentives (10/1/19)

Enhancements Coming to Learning Management System (LMS) (9/18/19)

REMINDER: 2019 Fall Agent Meetings Start Next Week — Register Today! (9/16/19)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Updates for 2018 Coverage (9/12/19)

Preparations for Hurricane Dorian (9/3/19)

Register Now to Attend a 2019 BlueChoice Fall Agent Meeting (8/29/19)

Request for Member Information (8/23/19)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (8/21/19)

Welcome Our Greenville-Upstate Area Marketing Representative (8/14/19)

Special Enrollment Commissions (8/7/19)

Save the Date — 2019 Fall Agent Meetings (8/6/19)

Upcoming 2020 Pharmacy Benefits (7/30/19)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) 2019 Rebate Survey (7/29/19)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (7/26/19)

Fill the Gap with Short-Term Health Coverage (7/24/19)

Hot Summer Incentives for Selling BusinessADVANTAGE (6/11/19)

Stay Covered With Short-Term Choice Health Coverage (6/6/19)

Training for New Leaders (6/5/19)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (6/3/19)

Pharmacy Changes: Blue OptionSM and BusinessADVANTAGESM (5/29/19)

BlueChoice HealthPlan ID Cards are Slimming Down This Summer (5/28/19)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (4/15/19)

BlueChoice HealthPlan Conducts Satisfaction Surveys (4/9/19)

Individual Rate Increase (3/27/19)

Drugs Moving Tiers Effective March 1, 2019 (2/20/19)

Order Your BlueChoice Marketing Materials From the Storefront (2/14/19)

More Winners with FOCUSfwd! (2/13/19)

New and Improved Web Features Help Members Find Providers, Services (2/12/19)

1095-B Tax Forms to be Mailed This Week (1/30/19)

Encourage Your Clients to Get Our FREE Mobile App (1/29/19)

Available in All 50 States (1/22/19)

Upcoming Pharmacy Changes (1/17/19)

BlueChoice Members Stay Fit and Win Big with FOCUSfwd (1/15/19)

BusinessADVANTAGE Provides Value for Your Clients (1/8/19)

FOCUSfwd Redesign and New Personal Health Assessment (1/3/19)

BusinessADVANTAGE Employee Assistance Program (1/2/19)